• LCAT, Licensed creative arts therapist

  • RDT, Registered drama therapist

  • CGP, Certified group psychotherapist

  • BCT, Board certified trainer

  • TEP, Trainer education & practitioner of psychodrama

As a psychotherapist, Heidi uses the creative arts therapies to achieve the therapeutic goals of self-expression, personal empowerment, and emotional and physical integration. With over 15 years of experience, Heidi offers individual and group therapy, intentionally combining talk therapy, drama therapy, psychodrama and the creative arts to address emotional issues in innovative, unique ways. Her approach allows individuals to discover ways to tell their own stories, express their feelings, and achieve growth. Through her deeply relational approach to therapy, Heidi offers empathy and acceptance to clients as they work to explore the depth of their inner experience allowing for growth in self-esteem, emotional expression, self-regulation skills, creativity and spontaneity and the capacity to play a diverse range of life roles.


Heidi also supervises, trains and consults with fellow therapists and allied professionals in working with complex trauma, specific patient populations, group therapy and incorporating creative arts therapies into their work. She approaches training with creativity and passion, focusing on ways helping professionals can grow in client relatedness, skill building and finding their own creativity and spontaneity.

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